Signing up to be an Ambassador for Founders Day of Giving is an easy way to help us celebrate 120 years of Alpha Sigma Tau Sisterhood. Ambassadors help us connect with thousands of members and friends we may not otherwise reach, just by sharing!

Once you sign up as an Ambassador, you'll have access to resources including a welcome document and sample messaging to help make your role fun and easy. Serving as an Ambassador will look a little different for each person, and that's ok!

All you have to do is what you are already doingsharing how much you love Alpha Sigma Tau. All Sisters, friends, and family are invited and encouraged to join us as a 2019 Founders Day of Giving Ambassador. 

Ambassadors are an integral part of our giving day success. In 2018, more than fifty thousand dollars and 961 gifts were contributed through Ambassador referral links. 


Imagine the impact you could have! Please join us today as an Ambassador using the quick and easy sign-up link on this page. Thank you!