$ 68,020 RAISED 905 GIFTS
Celebrating 117 Years of Sisterhood
Founders Day of Giving

Welcome to Alpha Sigma Tau’s inaugural Founders Day of Giving, a 24-hour event to grow a stronger future for our Sisterhood through support of the Foundation.

Held on the 117th anniversary of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority's founding, Founders Day of Giving celebrates the eight great women that brought us together in 1899. We seek to make Alpha Sigma Tau history again this November 4, 2016 as we ask our members and friends around the country to come together and define excellence with a charitable contribution to the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation. 

Funded solely by donations, the Foundation provides financial support for many of the Sorority’s educational and leadership programs, including Illuminate, Not Anymore, GreekLifeEdu, Chapter Advisory Board Talent Development, and more. These programs are designed for and delivered directly to members, investing in and empowering them to excel in life. Additionally, through its scholarship program, the Foundation proudly offers more than $40,000 annually in academic scholarships to members and their families. 

Your gift on this inaugural Founders Day of Giving helps ensure that every Sister of Alpha Sigma Tau receives a sorority experience that is more enhanced tomorrow than it is today. Thank you in advance for your continued commitment to empowering women and growing the future.

Thank You! The Final Numbers Are In!
Nov 15, 2016

The final numbers are in! Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our members and friends around the country, we raised $68,020 through 905 gifts as part of our inaugural Founders Day of Giving! Thank you for being a part of this historic celebration of Sisterhood! 

Chapter Challenge Update: With $5,620.35 raised, Alpha Lambda at Radford University will receive an educational grant up to $5,000 to host the program or speaker of their choice! We'd also like to congratulate one of our newest chapters, the Alpha Psi Chapter at University Northern Iowa. Alpha Psi had the highest collegiate and alumnae participation percentage in the Chapter Challenge and will receive a complimentary chapter registration to Officer Academy 2017! Thank you again to all who participated! #foundersdayofgiving #AST117 

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We Just Made Alpha Sigma Tau History! Thank You!
Nov 05, 2016

On the 117th anniversary of Alpha Sigma Tau's founding, 893 Sisters and friends around the country came together in support of the Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation. Together, we raised more than $67,042 to empower women and grow the future for Alpha Sigma Tau. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this historic celebration. We are so grateful for your continued commitment, and we look forward to sharing more with you in the months ahead about the amazing impact your gift is having on the lives of our Sisters. 

Happy Founders Day! 

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Race For 300
Thanks to the generosity of Shel Hujarski Golob, Delta Alpha, when we reach 300 total gifts, $4,000 will be unlocked and added to the day's totals! Thank you for your support, Shel!
300 / 300 Gifts
$30,000 Together
Thanks to the generosity of Shel Hujarski Golob, Delta Alpha, when we reach $30,000 total raised, $5,000 will be unlocked and added to the day's totals! Thank you for your support, Shel!
$30,000 / $30,000 Raised
All In For 117
Congratulations to Kayla Stover, Gamma Theta! You made the 117th gift of the day! Thanks to the generosity of the non-members who serve on the Alpha Sigma Tau Headquarters staff, $800 will be added in support of Gamma Theta in the Chapter Challenge!
Chapter Challenge
Help your preferred active collegiate chapter progress in the Chapter Challenge with your gift on November 4th!
Rank Department Raised
1 Alpha Lambda (Radford University) $5,620.35
2 Gamma Theta (Penn State Erie, The Behrend College) $4,063.00
3 Phi (Southeastern Louisiana University) $3,896.40
4 Psi (James Madison University) $3,217.01
5 Delta Nu (Beloit College) $3,150.00
6 Beta Delta (Duquesne University) $2,520.00
7 Beta Pi (Eastern Illinois University) $1,895.00
8 Delta Mu (Cumberland University) $1,750.00
9 Gamma Mu (WV University Institute of Technology) $1,535.00
10 Gamma Pi (Lycoming College) $1,400.00
11 Gamma Delta (Uni. of Massachusetts Dartmouth) $1,362.00
12 Gamma Gamma (University of West Alabama) $1,343.97
13 Delta Alpha (Gannon University) $1,238.99
14 Alpha Psi (University of Northern Iowa) $1,180.00
15 Epsilon Sigma (Bridgewater State University) $1,020.00
16 Delta (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) $953.99
17 Beta Xi (Michigan Technological University) $940.00
18 Delta Tau (Oakland University) $874.98
19 Gamma Tau (Lebanon Valley College) $861.68
20 Omicron (Concord University) $855.00
21 Alpha Gamma (Henderson State University) $847.52
22 Delta Rho (Chowan University) $769.00
23 Beta (Central Michigan University) $745.00
24 Epsilon Epsilon (North Miami, Johnson & Wales) $743.99
25 Zeta Tau (Longwood University) $740.00
26 Gamma Xi (Grand Valley State University) $640.00
27 Gamma Upsilon (California State University, LA) $614.79
28 Zeta (Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania) $563.99
29 Epsilon Omicron (University of Southern Indiana) $500.00
30 Epsilon Eta (University of the Incarnate Word) $500.00
31 Epsilon Alpha (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Uni.) $497.00
32 Delta Psi (Denver Campus of Johnson & Wales) $455.00
33 Beta Mu (Salisbury University) $423.99
34 Epsilon Theta (Fairleigh Dickinson University) $415.00
35 Epsilon Gamma (Armstrong State University) $400.00
36 Epsilon Phi (Winona State University) $395.00
37 Chi (Shepherd University) $337.00
38 Beta Eta (Southern Illinois Uni. of Edwardsville) $309.49
39 Gamma Rho (Seton Hall University) $290.00
40 Beta Chi (Ferris State University) $250.00
41 Beta Iota (Millersville University of PA) $249.00
42 Delta Phi (New York University) $246.04
43 Delta Upsilon (Saint Leo University) $245.00
44 Rho (Southeastern Oklahoma State University) $234.00
45 Alpha (Eastern Michigan University) $210.00
46 Delta Pi (Oglethorpe University) $210.00
47 Alpha Tau (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania) $185.00
48 Delta Omega (Penn State Altoona) $180.00
49 Delta Beta (Fairmont State University) $170.00
50 Epsilon Beta (Uni. of Texas Rio Grande Valley) $165.00
51 Beta Tau (University of Massachusetts Lowell) $150.00
52 Gamma Zeta (Frostburg State University) $150.00
53 Sigma (SUNY Buffalo State) $130.00
54 Delta Eta (Belmont University) $110.00
55 Beta Upsilon (New Jersey Institute of Technology) $100.00
56 Delta Sigma (University of the Sciences) $100.00
57 Upsilon (University of Central Arkansas) $93.99
58 Beta Theta (St. Mary's University) $90.00
59 Beta Phi (California University of Pennsylvania) $75.00
60 Gamma Psi (Fitchburg State University) $60.00
61 Delta Delta (University of Illinois at Chicago) $55.00
62 Alpha Epsilon (Western Illinois University) $50.00
63 Alpha Xi (Mansfield University of Pennsylvania) $50.00
64 Alpha Pi (Slippery Rock University of PA) $50.00
65 Epsilon Upsilon (Dalton State College) $48.99
66 Beta Rho (Arkansas Tech University) $42.98
67 Beta Epsilon (Shippensburg University of PA) $35.00
68 Epsilon Lambda (Indiana University at South Bend) $35.00
69 Epsilon Mu (SUNY University at Buffalo) $35.00
70 Beta Nu (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania) $25.00
71 Delta Iota (Providence Campus of Johnson & Wales) $25.00
72 Epsilon Nu (McDaniel College) $20.00
73 Delta Epsilon (Marist College) $15.00
74 Alpha Phi (West Chester University of PA) $0.00
75 Beta Omega (Monmouth University) $0.00
76 Gamma Epsilon (SUNY Potsdam) $0.00
77 Gamma Iota (York College of Pennsylvania) $0.00
78 Gamma Lambda (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania) $0.00
79 Gamma Omega (La Salle University) $0.00
80 Delta Zeta (East Stroudsburg University of PA) $0.00
81 Delta Theta (Moravian College) $0.00
82 Epsilon Delta (Rogers State University) $0.00
83 Epsilon Zeta (Uni. of Virginia's College at Wise) $0.00
84 Epsilon Iota (New York Institute of Technology) $0.00
85 Epsilon Kappa (Trine University) $0.00
86 Epsilon Xi (Gustavus Adolphus College) $0.00
87 Epsilon Pi (Rhode Island College) $0.00
88 Epsilon Rho (SUNY Geneseo) $0.00
89 Epsilon Tau (Kenyon College) $0.00
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